Tuesday, December 25, 2007

GASTT as a Xmas gift.

Xmas is the most happiest festival. Is time when Santa Claus would be giving gifts and presents for everyone. I take this opportunity to share and offer 'GASTT', a gift of LOVE to those who read my blog today. Whether you are young or old or whether you are man or woman, we are all hungry of love. To give and receive love, one has to know the art of giving and receiving. Because love has language by itself. Unless one speaks the language of love, one might not know how to give or to receive. I was enlightened, Love has five languages applicable internationally. GASTT is Giving, Affirmation, Service, Touch and Time. Surprising, isn't it!

Giving is a love language from the heart. To get the attention of the children, buy the gifts and toys they like and give them sincerely and they will love you for life. Diamond could be the best friend to some women. If the man who is willing to give a five carat diamond to his lady, he stands a pretty good chance to love her. Those giving could mean a lot to those who received.

Affirmation is different. It comes in voice and words. Affirmative people like to be called with loving and romantic words. Dear, darling, honey or sweetheart are words pleasant to their ears and feeling. The next time, if you happened to have an affirmative lover, call him or her as darling, and he or she will melt in heart. This is the love language for them.

Service is a language of love that comes in the form of rendering help and assistance. Your mother could be busy cooking in the kitchen alone. Although you are also a busy person working, but you still have the thought to help and assist your mother, she might be the happiest mum. You have already given her the love in service kind.

Time is a language of love that should not be forgotten. You could be a busy dad working in a big corporation. On the day when your little child is having a singing contest show, you spare the time to come and witness his participation, would definitely bring him joy and confidence. Time is love when you spend them with the one that needed it.

Touch is sensational to the one who understands the love language. Touch can be fondling, hugging, patting, kissing or skin contacts. To those who speak the language of touch in love, they would be happier and feel loved if they are touched more often. A little pat over the shoulder could mean a lot to a tired person. Hugging and kissing bond a couple who understand their needs for each other.

The world speaks in many languages to communicate. If only we know how to understand the languages of love and apply them right, our world would definitely be more peaceful and a better place to live. So the next time, when you see another person, not only you need to speak but understand his or her language of love. Your chances of making him or her happier and merrier will be greater.

GASTT was given to me by a special friend who cares and understands life. It is by chance and luck I know her. She had taught me to understand love deeper and to apply love more effectively. Thank you my dearest. At the same time, I like to wish everyone A Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year.

A naughty phrase, "If a fat man in red comes into your room in the middle of the nite and shoves you into a bag, don't be scared coz i told Santa i wanted a friend like you for Christmas."

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