Thursday, December 13, 2007

A beauty with just one missing link.

Today I had an opportunity to have a lunch with one of our company super insurance lady agent. Although she was busy, she spared some time with me. The meal and meeting was meaningful to both of us because we learned something within us. Talking to a male and female agents are different. I like to be with the ladies as they tend to be good listeners and showed plenty of respect.

Most lady agents who sell insurance do better than our male counter part. The reason is quite simple because women are more focus on the job than the men. This particular special lady agent who was with me today, works extremely hard. She thinks nothing accept to be successful with her career. In order for her to broaden her knowledge, she constantly attended various training and classes to improve her well being. She lives single and have all the freedom to be serious with her job. While with her over the meal, there were endless calls from her clients. She spoke very well and her communication skill was excellent. She knew how to carry herself diplomatically. Her command of words was fantastic and had the sense of natural humour to make others laughed. On top of it, she is attractive and intelligent. She knew how to beautify her facial and hairdo plus a matching dress to look elegant and smart. Her outside beauty is almost prefect but equally I could feel and sense she also has a caring and sincere heart that most don't. Now I know why she could sell so well in our business. For any female prospects to meet her, I am sure they would be engrossed and be motivated by her personality and talent. Should any male prospects she meets, her charm and intelligence could easily capture them.

She is a complete role model as lady agent for the selling world. Likewise nobody is prefect. She could be successful for the time being for she has intelligence, attractive, willing to work hard, has kindness and freedom but the one thing she has missed out is love. She has all the love in the world for others but she don't have the special love of a one man who could love her sincerely and truthfully. If ever she could meet that one man whom she loves too, then the two souls bonded with one, she will definitely be more of a complete person. I hope her career has not blinded her thought over this.

Alexander Graham Bell spoke, "We are all too much inclined to walk through life with our eyes shut. There are things all round us, and right at our very feet, that we have never seen, because we have never really looked."

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