Friday, December 28, 2007

Think outside the box.

I have known Mr C and Mr L for many years. They are business partners and have been in trading and technical services for almost 10years. Comparing to the beginning when their business was rather small, today they have achieved success to a certain extent. Mr C is more of an aggressive Sales Director wanted his establishment to go further than what they should be. However he tried in many ways, nothing spectacular happened. As a good friend he seek my wisdom advice.

This was what I told him. All well established International Corporation have one objective. To make more profit. To make more, they focus all their attention towards the world. Their brains are make to think outwardly. To serve efficiently and to satisfy all their customers. They have little problems internally because all their working staffs from the lowest to the highest are all well taken care. Their basic needs and income are paid according to their effort. Their shareholders, directors or partners have the same standard vision and they know exactly what they want and aim in life. In turn all concern, apply the 100 % energy and concentration for the benefit of their customers and not just within themselves. That is why they are ranked the top producer worldwide. They think outside of the box.

Mr C and Mr L could be able to reach that level too. Just that they should put aside their personal problems and all differences in the company have to be solved soonest. Instead of spending time inwardly, they should concentrate more towards the outside. Objectives are how to increase sales and how to improve services Once they know where to apply their energy and effort, I am sure their business would expand even further.

Whether is a company or a self employed person, I believe the above apply. Just like today, another sweet aggressive colleague sent me a message, "Dear, I am having tension bcoz i am not closing enough sales." I replied her, "You sell for the love of selling and not sell for you personal agenda." I believe she understood the meaning. Sell for the needs of your clients and not to sell for your personal glory of the year end incentives. I hope this lady and Mr C know what to do now.

Powerful Quote from Li Ka Shing, "Vision is perhaps our greatest has kept us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries, it makes us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown."

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