Monday, December 24, 2007

Sense of humour prolongs healthy living.

A lady phoned my house this morning, "Can I speak to Mrs Foo? I mean the older one." My family has three Mrs Foo, one my wife and the other two are my daughter-in-laws who could be termed as Mrs Foo as well. I replied that lady caller, "Sorry my dear, Mrs Foo isn't at home." She was curious, "By the way, who are you on the line?" I responded, "I am Mrs Foo's boyfriend here." She cried out,"Hey! Can you be honest? Are you the elder son? Is your mum around?" Not to confuse her further, I prompted, "My dear, I am the boyfriend and also the husband of Mrs Foo. Haha!." She was laughing,"Goosh! Are you Robert? I couldn't believe it! You sounded so much younger. You are also very cheeky and naughty. You amazed me."

This is my way of life. I love to add humour and jokes into all my words whenever I speak to anyone. Some might think I am cheeky and naughty but most appreciated the style I speak. The sense of humour creates laughter and warm. The warmness offer friendliness to our listeners. It breaks all obstacles and links friendship closer. It is pleasant to the ears and tickles heart with laugh. You would always be remembered easily. At the same times, it brings excitement to our mind and open our heart with acceptance. In turn, it activates a positive energy to our whole selves, which I feel nice and wonderful. I strongly believe the sense of humour of oneself can prolong healthy living and is a formula to longevity of life. So laugh, be cheeky and naugthy in some ways, for they are good for ourselves and for others.

The definition of happiness by auther Jennifer Leese, "Happiness is contagious...when you reflect happiness, then all others around you catch the happy bug and are happy, too."

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