Thursday, December 20, 2007

Effective words motivate.

Words have power. If are written right, they can inspire and motivate. One couple was on a verge of breaking up because of some misunderstanding. The lady refused to meet her man. With patience and determination, he kept sending text messages to her. Out of the many messages, the last was the most effective one that wooed his lady back.

He wrote: "God gave u...2 legs to walk, 2 hands to hold, 2 ears to hear, 2 eyes to see. But why did HE gave u only one heart? Bcoz HE gave the other one to someone for u to find!! I have found mine but waiting for her to agree."

Surprisingly she replied: "How about One heart two souls."

He wrote: "God purposely created one heart in each person. In order to be happy and blissful, one has to seek another one's heart to be contented. Otherwise the world won't move. For me to live or to survive happily ever after, I have to move and to search that particular heart that match mine. It got to be two hearts and two souls."

She responded, "Wow! Marvellous.."

He wrote: "Thanks dear. It took me a long time to understand spiritually and earthly. Please allow me to link to your lonely heart again."

She replied: "Got to give me sometime to learn too. Thanks."

He wrote: "Dear, as long as u are living, u have to keep on learning endlessly. Lets help each other to learn the facts of life to be happier and merrier. Please say CAN. Your CAN makes a lot of different to me."

She replied: "Can"

He wrote: "For that CAN...u had already inspired me. U have given me hope again." End.

Moral of the story, use effective words to motivate.

Robert Frost quoted, "Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom."


MomentaryLapse said...

An "effective" piece of writing... Simple logic incorporated into perfect writing...Continue writing and shining!!!!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Momentarylapse...

I am glad you are a reader from India. Your words spur me as well. Thanks for coming by....

Anonymous said...

Good post on Motivation.

karim - Positive thinking

Robert Foo said...

Hi Karim,

Thank you for reading my blog.