Monday, December 17, 2007

A lady's view on how man thinks

I was directed with an interesting email from a closed lady friend. Perhaps by posting onto this blog, many would have a chance to understand how man and woman think.

She wrote; "Dear, just wondering, when a man sending porn clips or talking about sex. Does it mean he wants sex? What is running in his mind? What is his intention? Or it should be, give everyone a benefit of doubt. Its just a conversation and sharing. I am sure, if the other way round a woman is the one who speaks about it to a man too. Mmmmmmm."

RF replied; "Wonderful dear. You are truly a smart lady. Before I answer u this question, I will ask u two simple questions first. Which perhaps would answer yours too. Try!

Q1. Imagine...if our world was created without man. Meaning only women live. Now, would women then be more attractive than the present world or less attractive or just the same as the present?

Q2. Next... our world has only woman. U think the men would work harder than now or less harder or remain the same as to the present?"

She wrote: "To answer your question my dear, there will be no colour when either one sex only exists. This is also the reason why God created Adam and Eve. Be it the competition, excitement, jealousy, pain or pleasure, it takes two to tango. Without man, woman can't survive. Without woman, man can't live."

RF replied; "Hi dear. At your age to be able to reply such sensible answer, I termed u as truly an intelligent lady. If Adam could not live without Eve, I neither can. You had answered your own earler questions to me. It takes both of us to tango along to get excitement, pain, pleasure and doubts. I am glad that God understood Adam's needs by creating Eve. Otherwise we wont have communicated this far to have laughter and fun together." End.

I like her conclusion, "Without man, woman can't survive. Without woman, man can't live." This is true facts of life.

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