Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I borrow positive energy from a special magical lady.

Every stage of life is different. When we were a little child, being so innocent and naive, simple little things could motivate us. During the teenage period, our parents could be our prime mover of life. We would be listening from them until we completed our education. When we turned adults and be facing the working world, we were quite easily be influenced by friends around. Once married, the drawing attention was on the family. During these period of life, when we were working and to be responsible to the family, money is the most important factor to excite and to encourage us to challenge the world. However aging is unvoidable, it comes a time when the families are mature and all the children are fully independence, most men at this stage of life will find difficult to seek for their personal drive. They could be highly motivated earlier in life but during the later part of age, career, money, glory and fame may not be necessary to move the aging men. This is the stage, I termed it to be the silence sorrow of man.

Not me! I believe our mindset have to be strong, in order to continue to strive for our needs and wants. Most older men could have called it a day and do nothing but drain their potential and abilities, which they had gathered through the many years of working. In order for me to tap the outer energy different from my past, I have to borrow the universal strength from the younger people, especially the females. I have many friends but I tend to mix more within the younger group. I share my knowledge and wisdom with them and they gave me their vibration and hope.

This afternoon itself, I was spurred with excitement when one of my lady secret admirer who called to tell me that she loves to read my blog everyday. She had learned tremendously from my sharing and I had also greatly impressed upon her. Her statement inspired me, "Dearrrr, can you write everyday coz I want to read them everyday." Her voice touched my heart and her concern created hope for me. We talked not just like friends but more like good intimate friends who understand. I take this opportunity to thank this special magical lady who has one way or another given me the positive energy to live. YES! I can and I will. To live on happily and to give my best to the world. Proven again, Love has got miracle.

George Washington Carver said, "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, that is when you command the attention of the world."

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