Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Miracle force of love

Love has its miracle force. If is affectionately given and willing to receive, it will create a positive energy to the giver and receiver. However one could be giving with affection but the other is unwilling to receive, the result might not be so fruitful. The worst will be the one who always gives but the receiver is the least interested. Then the force could turn negative and it might be damaging to both parties concerned.

A man might be interested to a lady. He wants to make her happy everyday. Sweet words soothe the eyes and ears. He sent her the message, "A beautiful world can only be seen through the eyes of the happy heart. May u always have a happy heart. I will make sure u have it." She received with joy and thrill. She responded, "Darling! How sweet of u to tell me. Thank you and u too have a happy and fruitful day." He was equally excited with her calling him darling. The love thought and sweet words from the both, created the sense of acceptance. This is termed as positive force which energises their mind. They will be happy, excited, joyful and fruitful for the day.

On the hand, if the same man sent that similar sweet message to her but she replied, "Hey dear! I am speechless with your love energy. Your forces are just too strong...could u slow down please." The man might be taken a back, wondering whether he had caused some inconvenient to his lady. The whole day, he will be bugging where he had gone wrong. Unhappy though but he should try again.

The worst will be if the man who had sent his lady that loving message in the morning but there was no reply at all from her. I am sure he will be moody for the entire day. Lost interest in his work and not sure what he should be doing next. This negative force is damaging and hurting. The only advice is to avoid it at all cost.

Love has the energy to move the unbelievable. It moves mountains and sails the unknown oceans. Love is always out there for everyone. Just that he or she has to be courageous to have and to give willingly.

A little poem for my lady who reads;
Friends are like Stars.
You can't always see them.
But you know they are there.
I know you are the Star always with me.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs..very positive!

Robert Foo said...

Hi 2;58

Thank you for reading this old post which I first started in 2007. Please read more of my current posting for more laughter.