Thursday, December 06, 2007

Do u need the sales more than your clients?

During my course of work, many of my fellow colleagues would seek my advices, especially the year end closing. One came with this little obstacle; I had a new case which our insurance company accepted but with condition over the cover. I could not get in touch with my client. I think she was not picking up my calls, when I had tried many times and had send many text messages to her. What do you think I should do, cause there is the date line I have to meet? A friendly advice to this agent. I am sure the client is unhappy for some reasons. Reach to her first, your case is secondary.

Another was even a more obvious case. The agent is currently short of sales to achieve his/her year end closing. He/she wanted the best formula to capture the require amount of sale by this month for rewards and incentive purposes.

I was a bit disturbed by the way most agents carried themselves in making sales. Life insurance is a need selling product. Is intangible and comes with hopes and dreams. As agents, we sell because our clients need to be protected and not because we need the sales more than our clients need the plans. The above two cases reflected the greed of the agents who wanted the sales more than the clients. Of course is good to be aggressive in selling but never for the sake of personal glory and self gratification in gaining those sales. Our clients' needs and interest are the most important requirement and priority in the art of selling. After all, selling life insurance is a life long career. We can't be depending on one case or on one particular month to survive. We need to have the passion and love over our work, which is the only way to last in this professional career. I sincerely hope these fellow colleagues or those who are selling life insurance would apply the words I used. Trust me, they work! Otherwise, I won't have been selling for the past 40 years and are prepared to sell for many more years, if only The Almighty Universe permits.

Power quote from the great; "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can face that, you've got it make." Groncho Max (1890 - 1977 ) His words cannot be wrong.

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