Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting older but young in heart.

There are two types of aging male. Most of the older foes loose interest in the new technology world coz they refused to accept changes or reluctant to learn. One of the easiest way to notice them is by the way they communicate with each other. They don't use the text message on their mobile phones. They only know how to receive and call out from their phones. This is the group, I considered them to be really old and have very little drive in life. Their pace of living is slow and definitely are not interested in the business world any longer.

Ah! Look at these two older friends communicating and exchanging their words in test messages. These were their actual messages sent;
Hamid: "Besides many reasons such as hygiene, social & erotic, there is one more interesting reason for being circumcised...Women GRAB anything with 20% off!!"
RF: "And that is why I always lose to u, whenever we talk ladies. U gave away 20%. That is not fair lah!"
Hamid: "By the way, need dairy/ calender. Tq."
RF: "Can! But I only give dairies to men who have many girlfriends coz they need to keep track of their naughty appointments. What about u young man?"
Hamid: "I qualified lah. Today why no hot emails?"
RF: "Ok! When I pass your house, I will leave one set to this playful man. I thought u no longer like hot & sensational emails."
Hamid: "Must charge battery ma. Otherwise how to get ngang."
RF: "For your sake, mati mati I will send u later."
Hamid: "New beer in town Hin-draft. Popular among demonstrators for quenching their thirst during illegal assemblies."
RF: "Not interested! Prefer lady-draft."
Hamid: "Yes! Its called pussydraft."
RF: "Why do men become smarter during sex? Coz they are plugged into a genius. Why don't women blink during sex? Coz they don't have enough time."
Hamid: " Thanks for the infor. Btw..Golf ins - tolong renew."
RF: "For one hole or 36 holes Sir?"

Although their combined age has exceeded 120, they live like a younger person. This is the second group of man who knows how to live young. They face the challenges of the new world. They are brave to accept changes and are prepared to learn the unwritten. They remain to be cheeky and naughty in character which in turn energised their personal drive in work and lives.

Hamid is a respected Professor who still contribute to teaching. RF is in marketing and selling. You can't stop aging but you can slow it down.

Quote spoken, "I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frigthened of old ones." John Cage (1912 - 1992)


Yehudi said...

What a great story and a great blog! I loved reading through your posts...may you and your family have a fantastic holiday season!
L'Shalom, Yehudi

Robert Foo said...

Hi Yehudi,
Thanks for your compliment. Read your blog too. May you gather more strength in your pursue towards holiness.