Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well Wishes that laugh on Xmas.

Christmas and New Year is the time when everyone exchanged greeting and well wishes. The fastest and cheapest way is by text messaging. Since last night, I had being receiving flow of messages from near and afar. The type and style of wording can depict the character and personality of my senders. Those who are soft spoken and careful type of person would write in a traditional manner. Like one I received, "Wishing you and family a very blessed Merry Christmas." The creative, courageous and cheeky one will have something interesting. Let me show u some laughing messages from my friends;

Idris: "My dear friend. Later Mr Chung & his family will visit me. I'll ask them to visit u too! The Chung family members are; Chung Ma Piu, Chung Tai Choi, Chung ToTo & Chung 4D. They'll be there to wish u Gook Luck for 2008. Don't worry! One of the members will not visit u for the whole year. Chung SaMan is out of town this year:) Merry Xmas & A Happy New year to u & family!"

Me: "Thanks so much. Please request Mr Chung and his members to drop by."

IreneTan: "If a fat man in red comes into your room in the middle of the night and shoves u into a bag, don't be scared coz i told Santa I wanted a friend like u for Xmas!"

Me: "I will be ready for him then."

JulianQuah: "May this Christmas blessings bring peace, joy, good health & prosperity to u & your family" Note - really too dull for me. I replied with something different.

Me: "Thanks young man. I prefer Happier, Merrier & Naughtier Year ahead. Can u re wish for me again? Thanks."

JulianQuah: "May your wish be granted as miracle happens at this time of year! Its definite u'll have a Happier, Merrier & Naughtier year ahead."

AbdRahim: "My family & I wish U & your family joyful Merry Xmas." Too plain from him

Me: "Not just Merrier but Naughtier as well."

AbdRahim: "More naughtier in the new year! I guess once reaches 60 wisdom will counter balance it.. so wishing u Happy Notorious New Year (sound strange) he he."

This is the top on my list;
Pris: "Dear..this is what I received during Christmas: He laid her on the table, so white clean & bare. His forehead wet with beads of sweat, he rubbed her here & there. He touched her neck & felt her breast, and then drooling felt her thigh. The slit was wet & all was set, he gave a joyous cry. The hole was wide ... He looked inside, all was dark amd murky. He rubbed his hands & stretched his arms... then he stuffed the turkey. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!"

Me: "Wow! That was a good wishes. That friend of yours must be a creative and playful type like me."

Pris: "Yip... both of u can match together."

Me: "But I am sure he is much younger than me. Wonder whether he still be as creative and brave to apply when he is like my age. Unless he knows how to grow up and not growing old. Betul tak sayang?"

Pris: "Yes love.." End.

Which ever way we write is up to the individual but as long as the thought is sincere and kind, the feeling of acceptance is definitely be felt. Words have power and effect, even how short it is.

Peter Thomas said, "In a world where the big things have little diference - It's the little things that make a big different."


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas ! I like to read your blog, especially the one about the secret admirers

Robert Foo said...

Hi Vicky... Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you too. Really! U like that posting, The Seret Admirers dated 20th April. Looks like u are my keen reader. U gave me inspiration and hopes. Thank you so much. Although I don't see u but I could feel your heart which has plenty of love as well.