Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are you in control of time?

The world says time management is important in life. Should time control you or you control time? I think it depends on situation and the needs.

If a wild attractive lady has three boyfriends to serve, she needs to control time. Otherwise her different boyfriends might meet face to face, when all anger and jealousy will be confronted. She has to be smart to divide time according to the convenient of her men. If she manages her time well, non of the men might meet to face the unexpected. Controlling time gives her fun and excitement. However having a tight schedule to cater the requirements of these three gentlemen, I believe the lady will definitely have no more time to herself. Indirectly time controls her all the time. I personally know a lady friend who has a husband and two lovers at one time. She looks happy from the outside when she carries her pride to hold three men successfully. She could blind others but not me. Because her eyes show the truth. She is actually being controlled by time.

Next! Look at our working world. It's always good to be highly motivated and be able to serve diligently. But you have to be careful because at times, motivation could carry you over board. I have known a close associate lady who is sincere, hard working, kind and always a yes person. She is a very approachable and friendly person too. She is taught to manage time on her work. On her daily assignments and appointments, she looks capable to fix her time accordingly. She works day and night, and almost everyday of the week. Week days are for her clients and weekends are given to non business affairs. Personally she thinks, she is managing time well but I think she has forgotten time for herself. She lacks peace and calmness. Without her realising, time is actually controlling her all the time again. Time makes her more stressful and she gets tire easily. Lately she catches flu often and develop mouth and tongue ulcers regularly. I wonder whether she knows her mistakes!

The second and minute are clicking all the time. Is beyond every human being to control the clicking of time. You might think you can control and manage time efficiently but sometimes you just have to let time control you. Like if you are on an appointment when you started early, then you control time. Not when for something hold you back and you started late for your appointment. Then you have to rush for your destination when time would control you on that journey. Nobody is perfect but we try to be perfect to appreciate time. For whatever is the lost time, we will never get it back again.

The definition of time by Stephen Hawking - "There is no beginning of time & there is no ending of time."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man !
Life is short and time is swift
Time and tide wait for no man
Go with the time, don't fall or stay behind
Move in time and keep improving

Century ends, things go too
Life and death see all through
As we give and we sow, so we reap

Never cling to forever, treasure moments as you have
Seize the day, waste no time
Don't sleep your life away!

Be Happy & Be Wise!!

From : Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

I will take your advices. I believe your wisdom guru must had taught you right. Thank you so much.