Thursday, August 21, 2008

Financial reserve builds personal confidence.

Selling Tips.

Financial confidence is the key role to success. But how much is enough to be successful. The thousand is peanuts to the rich but to the poor is wealth. I can't sell life insurance to make my clients rich but I help them to build financial independence and confidence.

There is a saying, "the rich gets richer" & "the poor gets poorer." The logic is simply the rich has the financial reserves to feel confidence. The confidence develops courage and braveness in them. In turn they dare to venture into more opportunities if they ever arise. Not the poor. They live by the days and have no saving. They lack personal confidence because their lives are uncertain and unsure. They are always blind by opportunities coz they are too afraid to look at them.

The fastest and easier way to develop strong financial confidence is to save six months of your earning. If you are earning 1000 dollars a month, you need 6000 dollars as a standby reserve. Or if you earn 10,000 dollars, your saving should be at 60,000 dollars. Once you have that minimum reserve in your account, your personal perception of life changes. You tend to be brave, you speak with strength and confidence and you look smarter. Your reserve builds financial confidence in your personality. You stand tall among your peers and you have better opportunity in lives. Although your saving is only six months of your income, it has the miracle power to let you feel wonderful just like the rich. The only way to prove my point is, save first of these six months of your current income and see whether I wrote is true.

I don't just sell life insurance to offer financial independence from the policy covers, I encourage all my clients to save to gain financial confidence. Nobody wants to die, rather they want to be rich when they are still alive. The first step is, if they are not rich yet, please take my advice to save the six months income.

My belief - "The successful has more saving than the not so successful one."


Anonymous said...

Emergency accounts are so important.

I preach $5000.00 per household plus $1000.00 for each family member.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Mark...

I am sure you have done the right thing. U are a good preacher of life. Thanks for your contribution here.