Sunday, August 17, 2008

Love makes the world go round.

A SYT looked upset. She complained that man is always naughty and mischievous. Man is the causes of all evil and sorrow to woman. She claimed, without man, perhaps there is more peace and calmness to the world.

In order to protect myself and for the rest of all men, I had to enlighten this frustrated attractive lady. I started with this statement, "With man and woman, this world is brighter and more meaningful to live." The beauty of all women, excites the sight and feeling of man. In turn, he begins to approach and court the attractive lady like the SYT here. He attempts to call and date her. His perseverance and courage, touches the heart of the lady. She accepts his invitation. By doing so, she tends to beautify herself. If there is no man in this world, SYT will not be dated for this romantic night. She will not feel to be admired and appreciated as an attractive woman. Though man could be playful in nature, he showers admiration and appreciation which is greatly needed by all women of this world.

This is only the start for all love relationship. With a bit of determination and sincerity, I am sure the man could propose and marry SYT. As she is the queen for the man, she could almost request anything from him. If truly he loves her, he will never fail to give her all the happiness in life. In turn, if SYT understands her role as a woman for him, her charm and passion will motivate and excite him to reach even the unreachable stars of the sky. Because love has all the energy and miracle of life. Together with SYT and her mate, they build the nest of a family. From the two of them, they multiply and expand. More children and more homes will be created. This is how the world has to be spinned over and over again. Without the man, the world is dead and non progressive as of today. There is less colour and less excitement.

Finally! I told SYT, please let the man to continue to behave as what we are. We are created to be playful and cheeky towards woman. However, I assure her, if she is smart like my little darling, she will definitely get the right man to love her like a queen. So just be patience and give yourself a chance for the deserving man to appear. Otherwise the world will cease to rotate.

Food for the heart - "Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A word of optimism and hope. A " you can do it" when things are tough" - Richard M. Devos.

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