Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sell towards a receptive mind.

I have known Gan for almost three years. He was working for my client as an engineer until he left recently to start his own business. Still unmarried at 30 now. During these period, he never gave me a chance to talk on my favorite subject, life insurance. He always sounded he had enough covers and had friends to handle his policies. I took the wrong guess that he knew about the needs and the benefits of our products.

I had the opportunity to meet up with him again recently, when he relocated his new office besides my friend place. He was too keen to introduce his new set up plus showing me his newly invented products, dealing in IT security. His demonstration convinced me that this hardware system could be useful to many of my clients and friends. Without hesitation, I promised to assist and promote his range of products. Naturally Gan was happy and we became closer in relationship.

Last week when I was supposed to meet him again, he called to cancel our appointment. His father had a bad accidental fall and was admitted to the hospital for an immediate operation. Two days ago, he called to request my help. The father admission cost them a bomb. He only carried a small insurance plan and the son did not know how it works. Neither the serving agent was around. Upon checking with his dad's cover, I realised there was no medical benefit included. I was also surprised from this discussion, Gan actually knows very little on insurance matters and he has no friend who are in insurance too. Meaning all this while, he behaved he knew and refused to listen when he was approached.

As we went further to talk more on life insurance with the various benefits and options, he was surprised and admitted his ignorance of the goodness in this miracle product. He asked more than he should. He went deep to enquire the inside out. Before I left, he requested three proposals to be quoted for himself and his parents. I am sure I had sold him already now, but they should had been sold three years ago. Was it my mistakes?

Conclusion - no sale could be sold when the prospect's mind isn't receptive. With an opened mind plus good relationship, nothing will stop a sale from being closed.

Food for the thought - "To make one good action succeed another, is the perfection of goodness" - Ali Ibu Abi Talib.


Mohamed Ihsan said...

Hi Mr. Foo.

In this way, I always thank god coz I learnt through the hard way.

In fact, I do tell about the importance of insurance and good agents to my close friends.

Thank god and thanks Mr. Foo.

- i h s a n -

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ihsan...

When u sow good deeds, you will get good returns. This is the universe law. I am glad you are constantly reading my blog. Thank you for your comments.