Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can we measure kindness?

Are you a kind person? Nobody knows except yourself. You can pretend to be kind or sincerely you are kind. The truth is within your heart and mind.

A beggar with only one hand was approaching many seated customers in a coffee shop for alms. Each of them gave money to him differently. Their stares and response made me pondering. Some gave immediately without doubts. While many were hesitating and not even bothering with him around. A few were rude with both arms across to show confrontation. Every one of them had different measurement of kindness.

Measurement of kindness could only be deterred my ourselves. I think the highest level of kindness are for those who have a pure heart, who is willing to give without condition in mind. I also believe they are gifted and born with it. For instance, a little child who willingly give a penny to a beggar without asking. His mind is innocent. He hasn't learned the greed of life yet. His giving is out of his true kindness.

My personal assumption on the second level of kindness are for those who willingly give with an intention of thought. Usually are for spiritual obligation or for the thought of good deeds. Is not wrong with a good intention of such but the heart has to borrow a feeling of niceness before you are willing to give. In this level, you give and indirectly you gain at the same time. Meaning, someone receives your kindness and in turn you benefited a feeling of happiness.

Check me if I am at wrong here. The next third level of kindness are those who give without the whole heart in mind. He gives for the purpose for showing he is kind. His happiness is artificial for his gain is only his pride. In fact, deep down in his heart, he has more pain than gain when he gives. Or should I conclude, there is no kindness in this level of giving.

You are kind but how kind you are, is only you know! Perhaps some of you out there are prepared to share a bit of your kind experiences with me.

Food for the heart - "Kind words can be short, but their echoes are endless" - Mother Teresa.


tky said...

I like your blog :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Laney..

I like your blog too and you are extremely young to write this well. Thank you for reading my blog.

Mohamed Ihsan said...

IMHO, the third "kindness" can never be defined as kindness in any manner. It's fully about hypocrism and artificial hapiness where the so called kind contributer is not happy at all.

Kindness comes with the presence of sincerity.

Thank god, people like you're here with me in this wild world.

- i h s a n -

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ihsan...

God always blesses me with kind hearted person as good you here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
I would like to share my Guru's wise teachings with you and your readers on the subject of kindness.

All of us are the children of God and we are born with a kind heart.
Just like the moon, it is sometimes covered by the dark clouds. The moment the dark clouds moved away, the moon begin to shine again.

The moment we can get rid of selfishness, then the kindness which is within us will reveal.
The donation of wealth can help others gain happiness. It is more
blessed for us to give than to receive.

It is a kind of blessing for a person to be wealthy and also generous.
It is a kind of nobleness for a person to be poor but generous.
It is a kind of benevolence for a
person to be thrify but generous.

There are 4 kinds of advantages in the donation of wealth:-
1) It can dissolve the hatred
involved with others from a
person's previous lives.
2) It can allow a person to
perform good deeds.
3) It can benefit the mankind.
4) It can cause many blessings to

With this topic our Young Man is helping:-
To beautify human mind with kindness/compassion;
To beautify human mind with gratitude;
Cos we are thankful to the God for being able to give.
Be Brave! Be Kind! Be Happy!
From: Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

Thank you so much to your kind added contribution. You are truly a lady with wisdom heart and mind. May God bless you more.