Monday, August 11, 2008

Am I too old to have a baby?

My little darling introduced me to one of her friend. He is 59 and happily married to a much younger wife of 30. From his first marriage, he has three grown up children. The second wife gave him another son who is only 3 years young. What amazed me was, the wife is again pregnant and will be expecting soon. The younger son and wife kept the man young as well. He looks much younger than his age.

I wonder why my little darling talked so much about this admirable family. Was it the man that captured her interest or the young son and wife! On our way home, she threw me this question. "If I am pregnant, do you give me the right to decide to tell you or you insist that I should not hide from you?" Ohhh!!! That was a powerful question. Unexpected but was happy. I did not know whether I replied her right. I said, "Darling, whatever is your decision, I will not mind."

I am just like her great friend, having a wisdom mind but a young heart. Now that all my children are grown up, married and not staying close to me, shall I try to have another baby for myself again. I was not a perfect father before but I am sure I can be a better one now. If that happened, all my present grand children will be older than my child. Should they call the junior as uncle or auntie? Perhaps not to confuse everyone, I think the ideal name should be addressed as 'sweetheart'. I know all my children would be laughing if they read this blog, but is good for them to laugh because they have an interesting and courageous dad. After all, I believe there is only one live and I will try to make it as interesting as possible while I am still living. Or on the other hand, it is silly for me to make baby again. Would having another new born be a burden for me at my present real age. How would the society be looking at me? They might think I am a crazy old man. Or many might accept me as an admirable old young person. Am I right or wrong? I have been sharing my wisdom on this blog without fail. Is time I should seek my readers comments on this subject. Your enlightening would be much appreciated.

I learned from C. S. Lewis - "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

A friend of mine married at a later stage in life, 50yrs single and just got married with a newly born.
He planned life differently, yet he did achieve to have a generation of his own.
So what difference does it make if you would have new babies.
As long as you ensure your sustainability of the future of your babies, you would be more experience in that field, money for future assurance!
To be a good father is by being one and not measured by any element, so why wait???


Robert Foo said...

Hi R.L.

Hooray! Must let little darling to read your comment. I am sure, it would convince her as well. Sometimes we need a little encouragement from strangers to make the decision. Especially practical and logical comment like yours. Thanks so much.

Cherry said...

hi Robert dear~
may i know who is ur little darling???:P

Robert Foo said...

Hi My dear Cherry....

My little darling is someone I always kept in my heart. She cld be near but yet so far. But I always imagine she is here....

Anonymous said...

Darling Robert,

Don't just imagine. Look for reality!

There are always other darlings around..... like me!

If your little darling can't bear a child for you, I'm always here for you, darling.

Luv .. Wild Cactus

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wild Cactus...

Are u real! Saying is always easy but doing is never easy. My little darling definitely can bear baby but my question is ....Am I too old to have a baby?

Anonymous said...

Darling Robert,

Well.... u are not too old to have a baby again.... but why give yourself a burden again after so many years of freedom???


Robert Foo said...

Hi Wild Castus...

To those who think having babies are a burden might not know the value and purposes of having them. I think if I had a new born now, the child will spur me to another level of lives. I won't think the baby is going to be a burden. Rather is a challenge and a joy for me. Letting me to appreciate life better. Things I had not done when my children were young, I believe I will do it better with my new born. To me is a new live again. Allowing me to bond my little darling and the child together. I strongly believe the child is going to bring happiness and hope to us.I hope you do understand. Thanks for your comment again.

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