Friday, August 22, 2008

Close with a gentle touch.

Selling tips:

A sale isn't a sale, unless is closed. Many fail to close a sale because they do not know when to close a sale. Certainly you don't expect a prospect to tell you he wants to buy. An experienced salesperson could identify and detect the buying signals. I relate these buying signals are quite similar to love and affectionate signals.

Example: A man has spent much effort to court his lady. She admires and appreciates his attempt. She enjoys and feels happy with his care. Hidden in her heart, she loves the loving man. Nevertheless, she is afraid and shy to reveal her feeling. As long as the man doesn't declare his love for her, both will never know that they love each other. Come on man! If you have the guts and passion, you should be able to feel and sense she has the interest over you. Hug her and kiss her! If she accepts your approach, it concludes she loves you then.

Selling and closing is the same. Your prospects will never admit they have surrendered to your approach but you have to hug and tenderly grab their hands to sign on the dotted line. Close with a gentle touch, be it in love or sales.

Food for the thought - "In a time of crisis we all have the potential to morph up to a new level and do things we never thought possible" - Stuart Wilde.

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