Saturday, August 30, 2008

Help me! Love sick I am.

Kevin is a friendly and a committed floor supervisor who works in a Japanese restaurant. Me and my little darling love to dine at this place. More so of Kevin, because he knows how to serve and care for all his customers. Last night when we were there, we noticed Kevin wasn't smiling. His hair was untidy and his eyes were dull. We asked, "Kevin something isn't good on you. What happen?"

Kevin replied, "Robert, i am surprised you can see. I had broke off with my girlfriend and love sick i am. Can you help?" I shook my head, "Since when? How young are you and your girlfriend? How long is your relationship with her?"

According to Kelvin, his girl friend left him since a month ago. They were staying together for more than three years. She is only 20 and he is 23 currently. There is no third party involved here.

Looking at my little darling, I said,"Sweetheart, if for some reasons I had angered you and you leave me. Tell me! What is the best and ideal way to win you back again?"

Little darling was sharp to know my intention. She replied, "Darling, if that happened, you have to be thick skin, take away your pride and self esteem, and keep coming back to me. I may not accept you totally but you should try to reach me as a friend first. You have to start all over again to win my confidence and trust. You have to give me more yeses than before. You have to give me more attention and concern. If you do that my love, I would surrender to you one more time."

Kevin was listening and he knew it was meant for him. I continued, "That is the first option from an intelligent lady here. You should do it accordingly. As a friendly advice, don't just stick to one girl friend. You are still very young, when you should know more friends. This is not the right time to fall in love. You should concentrate more on your career and learning of life. Take your present love mistake as a learning process. The next time when you have found another love, you will be a better and more an understanding man to hold your love and romance. I was like you, when I had made plunders and had caused miseries. Thanks God! Today I am ready to love my little darling the way it should be."

I sincerely hope this true story had enlightened Kevin. At the same time allowing my readers to know, this could happen to anyone of us.

Some meaningful proverbs I had gathered - "Marry a man/woman you love to talk to" & "When you say 'I Love You' mean it" & "Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but its the only way to live life completely."

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