Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jealousy of man.

I wonder this is true!

Man has always drawn to the attractiveness of woman. We love to admire their beauty, sexiness, intelligence and charm. Some are so gorgeous with their fantastic look, men could easily fall for them. Especially those who are brave to dress loosely and radiantly. Their seducing body shape could trickle our mind with temptation. The funny part of life is, men like to see attractive women they do not know without jealousy. But the women they love, they would be jealous when other men are looking at them. Meaning, you can see others but others can't see yours!

I think there are few types of man who behave differently. The first type is, he likes to look at beautiful ladies but he doesn't allow his woman to be beautiful when she goes out. The jealousy is extremely high here. The second type is, he also like to admire other beauties but he only allows his woman to dress beautifully when he is with her. Perhaps he feels proud he has a beautiful lady. The third type is those who totally trust his woman. He feels honour to have such dazzlingly beautiful lady. No restriction is set. He wants the whole world to admire his woman. I am the third type of man. I believe my little darling knows what is best for her. She knows how to carry herself in all situations with or without my presence. Jealousy is to the minimum.

So for the men! Be careful when you are looking at other women because there are men who might be jealous with your admiration. For the ladies! Why bother with us? Just dress whatever you like and make yourself as attractive as possible because women are to be admired after all.

A Greek proverb written - "wonder is the beginning of wisdom."

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