Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Are you a gentleman to ladies?

I am glad my good friend, Fariza has finally found her ideal partner, a Caucasian and not a Malaysian. She had married once, many lovers and all are local males. Not one could really make her happy in love. Until she brought up her courage to fall in love with a foreigner who is of different culture and faith.

I agreed with Fariza, most of our men here are not true gentlemen. In the first place, we are not as romantic as what we claimed. Perhaps romantic to us might be just the few moment on bed and after that, we lost the loving care and attention towards our ladies in attendance. Can't blame our women, they are afraid to fall in love with the courting men, who are inconsiderate!

The other weaknesses i personally observed, most of us are arrogance with high ego, especially after falling in love with their ladies. We are selfish and ungenerous, especially on financial matters. Go to the restaurants and observe yourself. Over at the cashier counter, you would notice all bills are shared by their friends. The male has no courtesy to pay for the females, unless he has benefit over the companies. Sometimes even young lovers insist to share their expenses, for every single cent counts. We have not learned the pride to pay for another friend, more so for females. Thanks God! I never allow ladies to pay whenever they are with me.

On tipping! We are really bad. We expect high and efficient services but we shy away on tipping. Not only are the men, the ladies are equally the same. I hope my little darling has learned to tip and appreciate those who rendered service to her. Unless we, the males are prepared to change our attitude and approach, we wound never be considered as true gentleman like this Caucasian.

I like this statement - "Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time." - Luigi Pirandello


Red Lavender said...

Hi bro,

I know you are a gentleman.Little darling is lucky to have you...heee

Robert Foo said...

Hi sis...

Most important, i hope...i had been a gentleman to you too when you were here last.