Friday, August 07, 2009

Uncommon and creative selling

Selling tips..

Ah Fei was shaking his head and looking depressed. He was not getting head way because the business phone calls he made recently were unsuccessful. All the prospecting calls he attempted were rejecting him and not allowing him for any appointment. Can't blame him for being so sad lately.

In order to help this closed associate of mine, i insisted Ah Fei to reveal his way and style of making prospecting phone calls. This was exacting how he did it....

Fei.."Hello there! Can i speak to Miss Wati?"
Wati.. "Yes! Speaking here".
Fei.. "I am Mr Faisal from Prudential Assurance. I would like to have an appointment with you, to show you our Financial Planning Program. Is today or tomorrow convenient for you Wati?"
Wati.. "I am not interested!" (Immediately she hanged down the phone.)
Fei... (rejected and disheartened.)

I think Ah Fei had been too serious and formal in his telephone approach. He should try this...

Robert.. "Hello there! Can i speak to the lovely lady, Miss Wati?"
Wati... "Yes! Speaking here and who is there please?"
Robert.. "I am abang Robert, my dear Wati. Your sweet name is recommended by your handsome friend, Ah Fei. He was speaking highly of you my dear. And i guess so because your voice sounds wonderful and pleasant to me".
Wati.. "What can i do for you Robert?"
Robert.. I represent Prudential. Ah Fei suggested that i should show you our latest Happy & Fun Planning Program, especially for young people like you."
Wati... (Puzzle!!!) "What is this Happy & Fun program?
Robert.. "This program is indeed exciting and interesting. It would be difficult for me to explain on the phone. But if you allow me to show you at your office, i assure would definitely like it. Can you allow me to see you today or tomorrow?"
Wati.. (Curious!!!) "Please come and see me today at 5pm".

Selling tips to Ah Fei and all my colleagues. Take all calls and selling as fun. Play along with sense of humour lightly. Offer a lot of admiration and appreciation. Have the courage to speak clearly and confidently like a great friend to all prospects. Be different, be creative and be yourself.

My strong belief - "Do the common things, in an uncommon way. The world will be at your command" - George Washington.


eimir (+601132168885) said...

good one, young robert. keep it up!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Eimir..

I am glad u are in action over at my blog now. Don't just read alone, please share them with your colleagues as well. Thanks again.

Red Lavender said...

Hi Bro,

Its not about just getting the job done. Its about doing it with passion and doing it the uncommon way..I will always remember your advice.Thank you bro.

Sis RL

Robert Foo said...

Hi sis...

I know you are an intelligent and a pretty smart lady who learns very fast.