Friday, August 28, 2009

U have to stay longer to make it easy in selling.

Selling tip....

Selling life insurance is like preaching a religion. The longer you preach, the better your preaching would be. All preacher start a hard way in the spiritual world, and not all could remain in this holy acceptance. As a young preacher, he has to master the spiritual teaching and later be able to recite his holy book from front to back and back to front. At the beginning, he has to carry his holy book wherever he goes. He needs to quote the chapters and verses with it when he preaches and conducts sermons. Not all he sees and approaches would believe in him. With patience, tolerance and strong belief, he matures to be a stronger preacher. He understands the implication of his holy teaching, he knows how to relate the chapters and verses to laymen terms, he listens and to understand his followers, his words tend to be sweeter and loving, his presence earns respect and value, and everyone loves to meet him. As he grows to be a senior preacher, he needs not preach anymore because everyone wants to be blessed by him. He just has to lay his hand over your head and softly says, "Child I Bless You!" The one who is blessed by him would feel nice and delighted. He has this divine energy and force because he had walked the spiritual life for more than thirty years.

I believe selling life insurance is the same. At the beginning i tried to master all about the insurance products, even when i could recite my rate book in details, nobody was prepared to buy insurance from me. Walking the same path like a preacher, i have been selling this religion for twenty eight years. Today i don't carry any laptop or reference charts to sell like most younger agents do. I only bring along my warm heart and wisdom of life to share with my prospective clients. The minute i think they are ready, i just have to say,"Please put your OK here on our proposal form and i will make sure everything is in order for you". The many years of commitment, sincerity and passion over my work, i too have earned the divine energy and force to be accepted by my clients.

Trust me my fellow colleagues, the longer you stay in this business, the easier the business would be for you. Love the career and the business would love you.

Food for thought - "Success is sweet and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through many struggles and defeats." - Amos Bronson Alcott


Red Lavender said...

Hi brother,

I like the way u say it, true enough "love" is also used in career and the career outcome really reflex love in return.

Robert Foo said...

Hi sis...

Love can be given in many ways, including our loves to you and your partner. Today we are like one big family... Teamwork...remember..Less Me More We.