Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everyday is an exciting and a happy day.

Warren Wong called me yesterday, he asked "How was my weekend?:)"

I replied, "The weekend was wonderful, i believe everyday is an exciting day. You have to make it happen. Today is another interesting day and i am sure it would. What about you hero? He didn't respond back.

He might be wondering how everyday could be an exciting and interesting day! To me the eventful and unforgettable day has to be made and created by myself. Excitement or Happiness won't come by itself, neither would i expect others to make it happen for me. In order to make a happy day today, i have to make others happier and merrier. To have an exciting day, i create unexpected excitement for my friends. To have a fun day, i make sure everyone i meet is going to laugh because of my sense of humour and jokes. To have an interesting day, i share the best of my knowledge and wisdom to those who need them. To have an appreciative day, i entertain and offer meals or drinks to my buddies. To be loved upon, i give my whole heart to those who deserve it. I end my day with so much to ponder about, the best is to write them on my blog now and let the world to read. The day has passed but i am sure tomorrow will be another interesting and a happy day for me. What about you? Don't let the ideal time and day to slip away from your hand.

A powerful phrase i learned from a good friend, Dato Abu Zaki - "The hand that gives is better than the hand which receives".

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