Monday, August 03, 2009

Teamwork RF2P is here.

Less Me More We...

Recently i had formed a team, namely RF2P, comprising of myself, Fizah, Faisal and Pris who are prepared to share our experiences of work. In our course of selling life insurance, we have had gathered some knowledge and understanding of how people live and work. Our nation has created the theme OneMalaysia with the hope and vision that we could live and work together happily as a team of one nationality. Yes! Teamwork begins from the family, where the man leads his woman and children. Without happy homes, there would be no happy and committed people to work for all the companies. Without people and the winning companies, our country would not prosper and be peaceful. With this concept in mind, we opened our arm to our friends, who invited us to their place of work to deliver our TEAMWORK presentation.

Last week, we were invited to two different platforms to share our thought. The two companies were High Point Nurani and Sym World, who have great vision and strength. We did our part by motivating all their staffs, we introduced the 30 attributes of a star performer and explaining the important of having the right attitude in lives. We convinced them that a positive attitude person is always a likable person who gives more willingly. We proved to them that right attitude is even more powerful than being intelligent by having exciting games and plays, which needed teamwork and strategic planning to work. The sharing ended with plenty of fun, they learned what is integrity, humility, sense of humour, self drive, determination, confidence, responsible, effective communication, organized, good listener, empathy, focus, decisive, belief, goal oriented, enthusiasm, common sense, detail master, dependable, dedicated and loyalty.

The bosses asked what was our charges for the entire shows. We replied...give us your smiles and plenty of love. One of the Director Dato Harith sms me this text; "I personally feel that we had benefited from your team performance. At least Shaari and Haji Wadud held my hand during the game without hesitation. We made a good start and look forward for another session. Thank you very much and regards to your team RF2P".

Though RF2P had spent many hours of preparation on these sharing, my teammates enjoyed every moment of our work together. I reminded them...Happiness is to see others happy as well, and succeeding in lives. Definitely we are not ending here but rather we are only beginning, we expect more invitation to come.

The definition of teamwork is "Co-operative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal".


Red Lavender said...

Dear Bro,

You and your team have made a difference, small steps makes a difference to aim for a bigger step, becoz it had made a difference in mine.

Sis RL

Robert Foo said...

Hi sis,

Thank you for your contribution. We really appreciated your teamwork too.

eimir (+601132168885) said...

well done.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Eimir..

We started with your team but we didn't stop there. In fact, we learned from you as well. Thanks once again.