Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Eyes reveal thought.

Tesh is my God daughter and she is only sweet fourteen. Whenever she spoke with me, she was afraid to look at my eyes. I guessed she was shy! The last i advised her, its a manner to speak with another person face to face and preferable eye to eye.

I gave her a few good tips. The eyes reveal the hidden thoughts of the person. The eyes show the joy and sadness of oneself. Sometimes a person might pretend to be happy, but the eyes reflect the truth of sorrow. To know a person better, sight his sincerity and passion from the eyes because the gesture and movement of them show. A con man has suspicious eyes and a kind hearted one has a warm friendly look. A cocky eye is dangerous, a sneaky eye is treacherous and a snaky eye has to be avoided at all cost. In love the eye flashes with romance and blissfulness. Not out of love when the eye is dead. When is agreeable, eye signals faster than the lip because it shines and grows. Be careful when is disagreeable, coz that is the time anger and frustration could be thrown from the sight as well.

In selling understanding the beauty of our eyes because that is the place where all information could be gathered without the prospects relating the truth. For love and romance, the more you have to master the magic of this vision because the eye has a pathway to the heart where love resides. Tesh has a pair of loving eyes, they tell me she is an intelligent, caring, adventurous and an interesting lady. I am so proud of her and equally her mum has a beautiful pair of sexy eyes too.

This is true fact - "An animal will always look for a person's intentions by looking them right in the eyes." - H. Powers

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