Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insurance is a very scary word

A joke with a selling tip...

Two good friends were walking pass a quiet cemetery. One was wearing a pair of running shoe and the other brought along a talisman and a Cross. In case if they meet a ghost, the running shoe might help one to run faster and the talisman and Cross might frighten the ghost away. Not too long, a ghost appeared. The one who worn the shoe was unable to run because he was trembling in fear. He shouted to his friend, "Throw out your talisman and Cross please!" His friend was equally scared replied, "I lost them!" Instead he handed over his name card to the ghost behind. Upon reading the name card, the ghost disappeared immediately. What happened? On the name card it was written, the agent was from a life insurance company.

Moral of the story:- If you are a life insurance agent, never give your insurance name card to a prospect on your first visit. Even ghosts disappeared when they know you are an agent. What more if they are new acquaintances! The word INSURANCE is a very scary one. I only give this card to those whom i don't intend to do their business. Funny isn't it?

Food for thought - "The ability of a person to atone has always been the most remarkable of human features" — Leon Uris

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