Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Traditional verses the western medication.

Yaacob called in panic to inform me that her daughter was admitted to the hospital. She was only nineteen, and suffering from acute tonsillitis. Because of the infection and swelling of her tonsils were very bad, the attending doctor advised the father to allow them to conduct a tonsillectomy immediately while she was still in their care. As the daughter was preparing her coming school examination, she hesitated on this surgery.

Over the telephone, i told the father to stay calm, and advised him not to proceed to the operation. I explained, there are two types of medical doctors in Malaysia. One would be the western trained and the second is the Russian or Chinese taught. The westerner depends solely on machines and immediate surgery, whereas the Russian or Chinese which you might consider as traditional and old fashion, they work on verbal and touches. Meaning they would first ask to understand the root and the cause of sickness, plus the feel and senses by touching the sick physically. Is only when medication could not be solved, they would consider the machine and operation. I prefer the second treatment.

I told Yaacob i am a half doctor by experience on my work. Due to the acute tonsillitis of the poor girl, her nose was blocked and she could not breath properly. I instructed the father to see a pharmacist outside where he could be recommended some good medication on Nasal Spray, Suspension. This medical spray could immediately relieve her blocked nose. For her daily vitamin consumption, she has to take the Vitamin C of 1000mg everyday to strengthen her immune system. Her body weight tells me she wasn't exercising, she needs to run everyday. As her nose was sensitive, it was better for her not to sleep in the air-conditioner bedroom. Although the air-con was comfortable to her sleep, she was actually breathing dry and not fresh air.

Few weeks later, Yaacob told me her daughter had fully recovered from her sickness. The tonsillectomy wasn't necessary. Bad for the hospital and the doctors because they had not made the money from the patient. I had also save some medical charges and fees for my Insurance Company.

Moral of the story; Intelligence isn't enough, you have to be smart to understand the facts of lives. Not all advices given by the intelligent are true, you have to be smarter to outwit them.

I learned this story when i was a little boy - "Bre'r Rabbit prides himself in being able to outwit Bre'r Fox every time".


Anonymous said...

wow that was very very interesting! right now i am working on a research paper: eastern vs. western medicine and practices. that story was a perfect example of how they treat patients differently! thank you so much!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

And also thank you for reading my blog. Do drop by again.

alan said...

Thanks for giving this nice difference between Traditional and Modern medicine.

Smith Alan
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