Saturday, August 08, 2009


Dear is arrogance, darling is stingy and sweetheart is soft hearted. The three went out for an enjoyable dinner one nite. Upon finishing the meal, dear was smart to excuse herself first to visit the washroom. Next was darling who was witty enough to also excuse herself to enquire information at the front desk. Sweetheart was left alone, until she had to clear the total bill by herself. While walking out of the restaurant later, she met her two friends out in the shopping mall, where both were window shopping together. They just stared at her and asked, "have you paid the bill?" Sweetheart was boiling in anger!

This could happen anywhere on earth. There are two types of spender; one who is willing to pay generously for others and the second, is the one who likes others to pay for them. The first type of spender is kind and sincere, whereas the second is selfish and rude. As far as i am concerned, i prefer to be the payor rather than to be a receiver. Is my honour to pay and entertain all those who are with me, no matter who they are and i pray and wish i could go on to do so until i am not here on earth. I know if i could continue to pay with pride and happiness, God must have really taken care of me by virtue of HIS blessing. I should not be the least bother whether dear or darling are willing spenders or not. As long as my sweetheart paid the bill willingly without complaint and sorrow, i would be proud of her too.

Specially for this sweetheart - "If you're a generous person you'll have no trouble admitting that somebody else is good. If you're a better person you'll find it's total impossibility." - Source Unknown


Wan said...

Hi Robert,
How are you?
I am sorry but I don't really get the meaning of the quote that you quoted today.
DO you mind assist me to understand it?
Have a happy weekend.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan..

I feel great, especially having you around to read my blog all the time.

The quote means...A generous person is one who pays willingly all the time without complain, willing to appreciate and admire others, willing to say good of others without hesitation and willing to assist without doubt. Normal person would find it impossible to behave likewise, but truly a generous person could make these possible.

Though this quote was written by an unknown, i am sure this person is certainly a generous person as well, who share his/ her thought willingly to the world.

I think you are also a generous person too, Wan. Thank you for reading my blog.