Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The extra initiative to build a good friendship.

Today is Manjit's birthday, when i sent her a sweet message over the hand phone. It took her more than two hours to reply with this word, "Tq". Though i could not see her, i believe she was not happy, because i have the third eye to sense the different.

Immediately i called her on the line to speak with her. My intuition was correct. The lady is suffering from hypothyroidism, under depression, gained weight and family life is badly effected. With understanding, i managed to cheer her up with some humour and made her laughed. She was motivated and inspired by me, and i encouraged her to invite the entire family to celebrate her birthday with fun tonight. She ended our conversation with positive mindset, and promised to be cheerful and happy.

Learning to see the face of a person is important. It can reveal the thought and feeling of the person's mind. However if you can learn to see the words written, and determine the thought as well, you can understand your friends even better. These skills enhance my ability to interact with people, easing my way to sell successfully and making people happy.

Some interesting points; A short simple "Tq" means the sender is not very happy. A full "Thank you" is better. "Thank you so much" means the sender is appreciative and is happy. This would be marvellous..."Thank you and i love you for reading my blog today".

Food for thought - "A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely" - Pam Brown.

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