Monday, September 21, 2009

One man's meat is another man's poison.

Life has many implication. To you may be good, but to another it may be bad.

You have a good intention to send a lady colleague home while working late in the office. To her you are a helpful person. Don't let your wife knows. She might think you are unfaithful.

You have a patient ear to listen to a male friend's sorrow. Don't let your boyfriend over-hear, he might think you are falling in love with him. To him you are not faithful!

You switch the mobile phone to the silent mode for letting total attention to your friends. They feel important because of your action. Be careful! In case your loved one calls and could not reach you, your lover might think you are up to something unfaithful.

Your clothing has a strong smell of perfume, and there are some loose hairs on your shoulder. You got them from assisting a lady friend who was drunk. She would be thankful for your concern the next morning. Be ready to explain when you return home. The wife might yell and scream, for she assumes you are flirting and unfaithful to her.

Please look at the above picture posted. You think the dog is faithful or unfaithful? To her master of the house, the pet is definitely faithful enough. However to the lady of the home, her dog is the most unfaithful animal who betrayed her. What a sad ending! See, life has many implication. I saw it right but you might see it wrong.

This proverb has to be right - "One man's meat is another man's poison".

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