Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If only i am a woman.

Hey girls and ladies out there! Are your boys and men happy with you at the moment? Not sure? Then please continue reading, you might be enlightened with some tips.

If only i am a woman, i will make sure my man be the happiest person on earth. Its only by fate when an ideal man and woman meet, and i will try at all cost not to break a good loving relationship.

If only i am a woman, i will take all effort to understand my man. To know what he likes most and dislikes the least. To share the moment he feels nice, and to stand besides him when he is upset. To inspire him when he is down, and to motivate him when he lacks the drive. To talk a lot with him when he doesn't feel like talking, but when he talks i be a good listener. To tickle him with laughter, and to cheer him with jokes. When he is irritated by others, i will calm him with tenderness and save his pride without anger shown. If he makes an unintentional mistake, I will never nag at him but rather offer some sincere and softer suggestions to overcome any obstacle. I will never stand as a threat against him because he is too important a person for my life.

If only i am a woman, i will make sure my charm and sexiness always excite him. All ladies could be beautiful but i will try my level best to be always young and pretty to him by maintaining my physical and mind. My words have to be romantic and my appearance has to be fantastic. I know he might be admiring on other beauties at time but i rest assure no other beauty can be better than mine. Sex is always the top priority for all men, and i will attempt to learn the highest level of this art. The Art of Tara Sex is lost, which was originated from India, but i will try to search this book again, in order to give the best to satisfy my man. With the skill of Tara, sex is almost like heaven to him for sure.

If only i am a woman, i will not allow jealous to hinder our romance and love. His past is not important to me, and i will not remind my past mistakes to hurt his present feeling. Mistakes are our teachers, the proverb said. I am confidence my past experiences will help me to love my man more now. I will be truthful and patience with him to gain our milestone of love.

If only i am a woman, i will let him love me without regret. Man has egoism and pride. I will let my undivided love to overcome his negative feeling. To build his confidence, my love is unconditional with sweet and tempting emotion to support his self esteem at all time.

Finally, if only i am a woman, all men will love me.

Could this be possible - "Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women" ~Nicole Hollander

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