Monday, September 14, 2009

The Third Eye...........

Believe it or not, some people have a hidden third eye which can see through the beyond. By looking at your face, they almost can see your entire personality of the past, present and the future.

Through your eyes, they could understand whether you are happy at the moment. Your eyes reveal your heart where love resides. They could see whether you are in love at the moment. Your shape and structure of the face shows the quality of whether you are a good lover or not. Your nose and bone below your eyes can tell the degree of how strong a sex partner you are. The measurement can be taken as low, low medium, high medium or super high. If you have a high nose and bony face, most likely you like sex much more than the one who has a flat nose and a rounded face.

Your upper forehead reveals your past, the part between the eyes and the tip of the nose shows the present and the lower part of the face depicts the future. They can explain your strength and weaknesses. The length of the ear decides the longevity of your life. The shape of the ear shows the fate of your destiny.

The third eye can see whether you are an intelligent or a smart person. It could see through your mind, to determine how sincere, honest and kind hearted you are.

I am glad to be blessed with this third eye, which i consider as wisdom of life. The knowledge and experience of lives, i have gathered while selling life insurance. The third eye helps me to understand people better, and in turn i provide whatever advices and assistance if needed. Show me your face and i would tell you, your strength and destiny.

Beth Jones Quote - "In many cultures, the third eye has significance for seeing beyond the immediate and tangible. That's how I approach my clients. I have the ability to see the gold in people and uncover it for that person".


Personal Letters said...

Hello :)

I have discovered my Third Eye few month ago... And now I have problems with finding myself in these world... I'm looking for people who can fell the same... That's how I find Your blog. Well - it will be nice to read it...

Regards from Poland,

Me and....

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear,

The Law of Attraction perhaps brought you here. I had read part of your blog. You are certainly a very creative and brave lady. And i hope to hear more from you. Thank you for coming over.