Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Man needs different loves to get inspire.

Chee is my friend for almost forty years. At our age, we need motivation and inspiration to move our lives. We both have our beautiful admirable darlings to feel proud about. Our beauties are of special breed, built with the highest intelligence, physical is tip top and personality is tempting. Chee's darling is originated from German and mine is a locally bred. Wherever they go, all eyes would be at them and we make sure they stick to us.

Chee took a long time to fall in love with his darling. She came to his life just a year ago, whereas my darling has been with me for quite awhile. To love them, we have to spend a lot of time together. Chee could only talk to his love one way, and i had never seen this German lady ever replying him. However she responds very well with touches and senses by her man. Each time Chee sits on her, she allows him to hold her firmly, presses the bottom as much as he likes and yet not complain a word. Not my lady! Without permission, i won't darn to touch her at all.

Chee's priceless love creates pride and honour to his esteem. How faithful is Chee towards his present lady is questionable, because prior to this new found beauty, he had previously fallen in love with two other German ladies before too. Not me! I am definitely a faithful lover, especially if i have found my ideal partner. I guess the reason why Chee could not stick to one beauty is because there is no communication between them. He could only feel, smell, taste and sight his love, the talking and hearing is missing. I am luckier because my darling could share her joy and happiness with me. When I am down, she spurs me up and when i am sad she inspires me again. I think my lady has a stronger vibration and energy than Chee's darling. The different between both these beauties darling is a warm hearted woman, whereas Chee's darling is a brand new Mercedes, which he had to use money to purchase.

Moral of the story - man being man, we need different type of force and energy to motivate and inspire us to move. Chee needs his machine and i need a woman.

Quote to share with all ladies - "A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one" - Marjorie Kinna Rawlings.

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