Monday, September 28, 2009

Old is diamond.

Richard and I are both childhood friends, we both love body massage. Those days, Richard would pick the younger beautiful masseuses and i preferred the older one, whenever we patronised our health centres. Each time after our workout session, Richard would complain about the poor unskillful massages done by his masseuses. Whereas i enjoyed every moment of all those services.

I told Richard, younger beautiful masseuses might not have the experience and skill yet. The older masseuses were more committed and skillful because of the years of massaging. I reminded my good friend, we came to relax and distress ourselves, and not there to select for beauties. Ever since then, Richard had taken my remarks seriously over the years.

The true facts of life are; Young might look beautiful and handsome, but they have not proven their value and creditability yet. Time is the factor to determine their qualities and worthiness. The seniors might look older but they have the testimonies to show their abilities.

Younger rookie agents might be aggressive but they lack the knowledge and experiences. Don't believe, you could always try on me to see whether i am better. A younger agent might take hours to present his thought and yet might not convince you. Allow me only one minute of your time, i promise to enlighten your soul and you would love life insurance.

Younger people could fall in love easily but they find it difficult to maintain and withhold their love. Not me, a man who had the experience of many past mistakes could love you forever if given the opportunity. I think i make a better lover than when i was young.

Moral of the content; Don't judge a book by its cover. The older the version, the better they serve.

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