Sunday, September 20, 2009

Four seasons.

Most countries have four seasons, whereas my country has one for the whole year round. We miss the spring, summer, autumn and winter, while we either rain or less rain with plenty of sunshine. On the other hand, we still could experience the four seasons from our women here.

In spring the flowers bloom with colour, relating the beauty of all our ladies when they dress to the best during the day. Their faces are coated with cosmetic and lipstick, the hairdo is fashionable, and the clothing is impressive. I love the weather of spring, and equally i am attracted to the dressing of all these ladies.

During the summer, the sun is hot with temperature rising. The warm and heat are like the wildness and craziness of sex while on bed. Women look differently when they have reached the peak of orgasm. Its summer time!

Coming to autumn, you could feel the cool slowly, the flowers shed and the day is gradually shortened. Without cosmetic and touch up, you see the natural beauty of a woman differently. I consider the natural look is like autumn, when colour is lessened and the smell of perfume has disappeared.

Winter is cold and its unavoidable. Many might not be able to withstand the extreme temperature, and could fall sick. Everything is white and looks moody. The 'winter look' of a woman is the morning when she just got up. Hair is loosened, face is sombre and the eyes are sunken. They would try at all cost to avoid strangers, especially the man.

I was told this story. A drinker met a 'summer lady' at a bar. She was gorgeous, tempting and her face was like a beauty queen. After a friendly chat, they both agreed to adjourn to the woman's apartment. She took her bath and put on her pyjamas. Drunk he was, when he stared at her like a 'autumn model'. On the bed, she was wild and crazy like a 'summer horse'. The man yelled aloud, "I love summer!". After a long heavy session, both dozed off happily. Came the morning, when the man was awoke, he saw beside him a 'winter woman'. He shouted fearfully, "My gosh! Was that a ghost i was sleeping last nite". The 'winter woman' has no makeup, her hair looked horrible, her mouth smelled like rotten egg and she had two dark eyes.

Believe it or not! You see woman differently at different time of the day. A place has four seasons, and woman has four different personalities. Unless you love the woman, you might not like to see her in the morning. Don't worry little darling, I love your four seasons...your spring, summer, autumn and winter are equally beautiful to me.

Food for thought -"Four seasons fill the measure of the year; / There are four seasons in the mind of man" - John Keats.


Red Lavender said...

Hi bro,

I wonder if men have four seasons me, I love my man when he is in his uniform, his casual tee-shirt, his office attire and his pajama.Yet I would love him with his full hair til he grow bold, with or without his beard.. :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi sis,

Men are equally the same as women too. The day they are gentleman,,at work they are honest, in the nite they are hero lover and the morning they smell.