Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love my job.

A few rookie agents asked, "Robert what are your itineraries for selling life insurance?" I told them, at the beginning selling was a job and responsibility for me. Today, selling life insurance is a hobby which kept me occupied and interesting all the time. Everyday is an exciting and an eventful day for me. Let me tell you how i spent my week.

Beside the frequent telephone calls, lunches and tea breaks, i visited the following friends or clients lately. Elim and wife were proud to have another second baby, i was invited to see the new child. Without hesitation, the caring father effected a child educational plan for her. Next, i had seen Chun Wen grew since a little boy. He could never forget me because he had received twenty four different birthdays since baby. He just got his first job as a mechanical engineer recently. Before spending on any important thing, he wanted me to plan some saving for himself through our insurance. Beside effecting the program, i gave him some advices and tips on how to be successful in his new found career.

Next, Kumar was proud to have his son home from Russia. The boy has graduated to be a qualified medical doctor. Father and son wanted me to plan some financial products for them. Next, two sisters of the Kua's family met me. Their father had just passed away lately, when they wanted to know the right way to claim on his father insurance. I showed them information which they had never seen before. All these were recorded on my old files of twenty five years.

Next, Rinnie looked a bit unhappy because her educational centre is closing down soon due to poor response. Unable to pay her regular premium, she sounded negative with her program. I assured her, nothing in this world which could not be solved, unless one isn't prepared to solve them. With some encouragement and advices, she smiled again before i left her. She looked much prettier when she smiled.

Next, i was introduced to Yin Chao who taught in a Chinese school. He is excited because soon he would be getting marry to a beautiful bride. I would be coming back to see them after their marriage.

Next, Wai Yen is a consultant for a direct marketing company. His wife is worried over him because he is constantly travelling all over the world. With my wisdom words and knowledge in the life insurance, i created a peace of mind to the tense lady. I told her this; every successful man has a woman behind...and she is the woman.

Next, Guan Chai had a severe surgical correction on his spine which causes him his total disablement. His substantial insurance would be payable, if his medical doctor completes the claim report. I am sure my company will honour the payment.

Next, Hali had his bypass correction done lately. He was glad that most of his medical fees were paid by us. As soon as his medical claim report returns, i will be able to pay him another fat payment.

Next, Riza is still single but is attached to a married man. Not sure whether she should stick with this person, she seek my brotherly advice. From her eyes i could see she still loves this man. My words for her was...love him unconditionally and you would be much happier. She also effected an investment plan with us.

Next, Devaraj is an eligible bachelor. Working as a MD for a reputable company, he is currently 53 years young. Fallen out of love few times, make him unsure of himself on romance. I told him this quote, "Mistakes are our teachers, including love mistakes". My understanding of life built confidence in him, and he allowed me to write a policy for him too.

Do you consider these as work? Not me! Its my hobby and i have all the passion and desire to continue doing it until the last day of my breath. Fellow colleagues, unless you enjoy what you are doing, you would never be able to do it well.

Meaningful quote - "When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible".


Mohamed Ihsan said...

Dear Mr. Foo, you're indeed a lucky and gifted person who has been granted the chance to help more people compared to ordinary individuals.

You've stated all the people that you've met and helped. Adding to the list, the UNlimited number of people who are going to benefit from this post which reflects your wisdom and great way of enjoying your hobby-based-career.

- i h s a n -

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ihsan..

You were early reading my blog this morning...Early birds eat the worms. Yes! This hobby keeps me alive, including reaching and touching you and your family too.