Friday, September 25, 2009

Peace of mind.

During my last twenty eight years of selling life insurance, I have had seen enough sick and death to experience and understand the facts of dying. I believe sickness, especially the terminal one won't easily kill but fear would. With the latest science and medicine, almost all illnesses have the cure and treatment. As long as the patients have a strong mindset, confidence and be positive to fight against their diseases, the road to recovery is a matter of time. Most of my friends and clients who could not make it, especially suffering from cancer, were those who had no money to attend to their illnesses.

When a cancer patient has no financial backing, he tends to have two major problems. The first would be the fear of how to pay for the high medical cost, wondering his family or children could raise the immediate cash. To borrow is to trouble others. Borrowing creates misunderstanding, hardship and shamefulness. It makes the patient even more worry and stressful. The second problem is to build confidence to overcome his sickness. At the end, patient is succumbed to his illness because stress and tension overrule him. The man is too worrisome because of the fear factor, having no money to repay his creditors.

I had many clients who were diagnosed with critical illnesses and survived because they had the cash in hand. All of them had enough medical insurance to pay for the unexpected bills. They made it because they carried the peace of mind through their life insurance. They let the insurers to handle the medical costs, when they rest to fight the diseases. Believe me or not! These are true facts of life i had encountered.

Food for thought -"Peace of mind is that mental condition in which you have accepted the worst." - Lin Yu-tang

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