Wednesday, April 18, 2012

At this age I prefer girls in front...

Richard Tham is my childhood friend whom we studied together. He is only a few months older than me, and I used to call him as big brother. Perhaps all my naughtiness could be taught by him when I was a kid. 

Few days ago was his birthday, which I won't forget. We used to party together those days, whenever we celebrated our younger birthdays. Nevertheless I sent him a personal birthday's wishes on that day.

I wrote; "Specially to my great buddy and big brother Richard... 'Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is'  and you have it because today is your birthday. Happy Birthday and Gooooo for it".

Later he replied; "Thank you very much for your blessing".

As naughty as ever I'm, I forwarded another message to my brother; "A good day to be crowed with beautiful ladies. Pick one who could stand behind you. Coz it said.. Every successful man has a woman behind".

Another short reply from him; "At this age I prefer girls in front".

I was glad my brother still has humour but so sad to see this short quote of his. He prefers girls in front means he isn't interested in the corporate world. He no longer has the personal drive and enthusiasm to excel, when once he was an important figure in the Business Market. My bigger brother has finally retired and prefers to admire all the girls in front. On the hand, for those men who prefer women behind, are the one who still could perform and lead in the working world. Thanks The Almighty! I still love a special woman who could stand behind me. One who is more intelligence and smarter than me but willing to inspire and motivate me to reach my success. I wish my bigger brother could change his thought but being that I'm not a woman, it would be too difficult for me to change his stubborn mind now.

Moral of the story: Written words could determine the inner mind. 

Food for thought - "Life is full of surprises...good and bad. Why not surprise someone with a hug today!"

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