Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lower your expectation.....

Your city might be different. Mine... Kuala Lumpur where I reside always has a lot of complaints. They complain no maid is available, because currently our government is blocking the import of new maids from our neighbouring countries. Those who could still have maids working with them, also complain that their maids are lousy. Without maid is a problem for working couples with young children or to get good maid is equally difficult! 

Complaint and more complaint! I used to ask this statement; you say employing a good maid is difficult, but is also not easy to marry an understanding wife as well. Both are home makers who care and maintain a comfortable house. The different is, the wives sleep with the master of the home, whereas the maids sleep alone. Right? But mind you, some masters forced their maids to sleep with them too. Especially when the ladies aren't at home in the night.

To have an understanding wife who is prepared to give up her career, the husband has to love her enough. Otherwise no wife is willing to sacrifice their lucrative income and position for the family. An understanding husband would definitely appreciate the wife's role in the house. He constantly would inspire and motivate her because their house work could not be easy either. He cannot yell at her for mistakes make, he cannot scold her for not getting up early or perhaps he cannot complain for not making a nice meal for the children. The only way is to provide encouragement and love for her. And I'm sure most wives would be the most ideal home maker for the house then.

What about maids? So sorry! Most employers prefer to pay the least and expect to get the maximum result from maids. Worst still, no love and encouragement is given to maid from the family. Their expectation is so relatively high, almost expecting to be better than their wives. So when maids are unable to serve to their satisfaction, all anger and temper arise within the maids and their employers. 

The best way to overcome and to treat all maids, is to apply these three universal rules, "Incentive, Threat and Love from the heart". Everyone likes money and gifts. Give incentives to motivate the maids. Or if incentive could not be effective, apply threat as a second alternative. Sack her if necessary. I believe applying love from a sincere heart is the most powerful tool to encourage most maids to work harder. When Incentive and Love are not given, threat alone could be dangerous. If you are one employer who only knows how to use threat to make your maid to work, I guess you would be having the most unhappiest maid to work for you. Suggest you should change. 

I always follow this proverb - "Lower your expectations of earth. This isn't heaven, so don't expect it to be" - Max Lucado quotes

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