Wednesday, April 04, 2012

How do you go finding customers in selling life insurance?

Selling tips...

Thank you Robert!  One question I have for you is your approach with the customer… do you go about finding customers to sell life insurance to?  Once you have an opportunity to communicate with the customer…..what type of questions do you ask them?

Thank you. 


My reply:

Hi Don,

So sorry! Was away for the weekend with my sweetheart. 

There are three ways to prospect:
1. Ask your friends but they are reluctant to give. ( Usually these are rookie agents who are new in our business)
2. Ask your friends again, who give some names but you cannot reveal and mention their names.
3. You don't ask name or prospect, but yet your clients insist you have to see their friends and relatives.

I strongly believe every agent has to start from number one, including myself. Is only those who are determined and are prepared to face all types of obstacles would make it. I have not asked for prospect from my friends since 20 years ago. They recommend all their ideal associates to me and they are too proud and too happy for me to deal business with them. Reason... I have earned their trust and respect.

A good sales person will never ask for a sale whenever they have the first opportunity to meet. Rather they start to sell their values and market their personalities first. I prefer to approach by 'giving' first rather than to 'receive' from my potential customers. Until I earn my respect and knowing they are also comfortable with me, I will never mention a single word of my products. The minute I could sense they have accepted me as a true friend, I might casually ask this tag line... "May I share how I work and render my services to my clients?"

I hope these few ideas could be useful to you Don.



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