Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is selling a tough job?

Someone asked, "Is selling a tough job?" 

My reply was... If you are a man and finds it difficult to win over a girl you love, then selling is going to be tough for you. To tackle girls, man has to be brave, not shy, intelligence & smart, be talkative, kind, caring, generous, friendly, good personality, sincere, trustworthy & honest, not boastful, not rude, humorous and the fun type, patience & has plenty of perseveres,and has a loving heart. If a gentleman has all these qualities, many women could easily fall for him. Similarly selling requires these qualities too.

The same fellow asked .. "What about for woman?"

My reply was... If a woman is attractive, sexy and intelligence, all men would just chase for her. Otherwise have a beautiful heart, man like me will go for her then. In selling is the same for woman. If she has these type of qualities, customers would just buy from her. That's why female makes better salesperson than males.

Food for thought - "A young man or woman seriously considering selling as a career must, first of all, have a genuine interest in other people, their problems, their aspirations and needs."


Happy walker said...

inspiring~ =D

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not Lonely,

Thank you so much.

sumukh bansal said...

well i am not planning to be selling anything yet here we have a very genuine advise for every one..

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sumukh,

That's a nice comment. Thank you.

Romano said...

My dear Robert,
Can you really equate selling products to tackling girls? Playboys are most successful with girls! And trustworthy and honesty are not with playboys! It is very degrading to equate them as selling is actually a very noble activity, especially if the product is insurance. I say this bcos I was a salesman before.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Romano,
To win your loved one, a man has to be confidence, sincere and honest. I don't mean to be a playboy. If a man is shy and lack confidence, selling is definitely out of the question. Please don't twist my words.