Thursday, April 05, 2012

You can be virgin again!!!

Man divorces wife over fake hymen
A Saudi woman wanted to give her husband a pleasant surprise on their second marriage anniversary by telling him that she was a 'virgin again' by using an artificial hymen from China.

Instead of applauding his wife, he divorced her. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary at home in the Saudi capital in Riyadh when the woman happily revealed her 'new virginity' secret. The man, however, was not amused. He divorced her immediately.

The Sharq daily quoted sources close to the couple as saying that the man suspected his wife of not being a virgin before their marriage as she could have used an artificial hymen then too. 

The Arabic language newspaper did not identify the couple nor did it say how the woman obtained the hymen. Such items are strictly banned in Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative Muslim nations. During intercourse, the artificial hymen will begin to ooze out a red liquid that looks like blood.

This was an article I read which caught my mind about virgin of our women. I remember those olden days when a man got marry, his newly wed wife had to prove she is still a virgin on the night of her wedding. Before the man and the woman called it a night, the mother of the house would give her son a white clean towel to keep. What the couple would do in the room, you and I would know for sure! But the next morning when they got up, the son had to give back the white towel to his mother. If the towel was soaked with red blood, the mother would like her new married daughter in law. Red indicates she is a virgin. However when there is no red, except white on the same towel, mother would be the most unhappiest person. Reason... that woman isn't a virgin.

Today! Good news for all women. You can get artificial hymen and you can be virgin again. Hooray!


Happy walker said...

wah... @.@ ~

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not lonely,

Be careful young man. Check your future wife carefully on your first nite.

Anonymous said...

omg, this is not fair at all , Mr Robert. Fake hymen??. Haha. I got no words to say. Have a nice day ahead. Tc. From raj

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raj,

Everything is made possible in Great China. Btw.. Is virgin important to you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, for me virginity is important. But depends. Not very crucial. For me, the most important thing is the attitude of a person. By the way, it's really hard to give a solid answer for your question. Have a nice day ahead. Tc . From raj.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raj,

For your sake, I would write more of this topic this weekend. See my post on Monday and give me your comment again. Have fun ya?

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, you can write more about it but make sure you dont mention my name in your upcoming post. Haha. By the way, very nice blog Mr Robert. Keep on writing. Enjoy your life. Tc. From raj.

ගැමියාගේ පත් ඉරුව said...

i will never give that towel back to my mother... what a annoying thing to do... here in sri lanka same as there i don't like this

Robert Foo said...

Hi young man,

We used to practise this by showing the towel to the mother. Not now any longer.

Anonymous said...

Wow... How things have changed. tthey sell on the computer

But I have also see in indonesia market last month, very disturbing.

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous,

This the progress of the computer world. It has the good and the bad side of it. See! Without it, you and me won't be knowing each other now. Right?

Thanks for visiting my blog.