Monday, April 23, 2012

Three types of listener......

When some one gives you advices, are you the type who would listen?

I believe there are three types of listener. The first type won't like to listen. No matter what suggestions and advices, they would totally reject them. The second type are those who listen, but they are not the least interested  to apply what have been related, though the advices could be good. The third type are those who listen, take into consideration the good suggestions and immediately apply what have been offered.

I classified the first type of listener as 'stupid'. They prefer to learn from their own mistakes in life, rather than learning from others. Usually they are the prideful kind and refuse to accept other people's views. I suggest to stay away from this type of listener.

I have a good friend who used to advise others who needed help. As a senior, every relatives and friends accept his opinion. He is wise enough to see others problems, and he offers effective solutions. The funny part of him is, whenever any of his relatives suggested good sincere advices to him, he would listen but he would never take their advices. Today he is already 70 years old, not successful in his small family business, unhealthy and not a happy man either. Good listener but stubborn and prideful to take advices. I classified him to be the second type here.

Those friends and relatives who listened from this old man's words, and later applied what they had been told, are currently doing well and live happily with their families. The wise man's wisdom worked extremely well, for they listened and they applied. These are the third type of listener. Luckily I'm in this group of people too.

So readers out there! Are you reading my post just for fun and entertainment or are you the type who read and also apply what you have gained from reading the Wisdom of Life here. Please tell me if you aren't the shy one.

Powerful quote -"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself" -    Eleanor Roosevelt

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