Friday, April 13, 2012

I help others to save....

When is my most exciting time for a sale? Is it closing a big sale? Perhaps twenty years ago, I would have said yes. Today handing over cheques personally, especially educational matured payment for any child would be my most thrilling moment.

Yesterday, I had a chance to hand over a full payment of 16 years to the father who diligently paid his children educational policies. I insisted the daughter to be presence. At their office, I was introduced to all his staffs. The father and also the boss of the company was too proud to mention my name. Robert has been my agent for more than 20 years, and today he is delivering my daughter's educational payment for her. 

Though the cheque and the payment could be small to the father now, because when I sold him this policy he was not successful yet. Today he is a wealthy and a famous person in town. I showed the cheque to his daughter. I showed my old photostated proposal form which his dad had signed 16 years ago. At that time, she was only 4 years old. Her height was only 3 feet 4 inches and her weight was just above 30 pound then. The love of your dad compelled him to save for you without fail for the last 16 years. During these 16 years, your dad had to face many challenges and hardships. Though it was tough then, your dad could still maintain to pay this premium into your policy. He knew you are smart and intelligence and he had to save for you. While I was relating the story to her, the dad was smiling all along. I knew he was equally happy for his achievement.

Before I ended, I asked the daughter whether she could repeat the same task like what his dad had done. Your dad had saved 16 years for you. Now could you save another 16 years for your future, upon completing your studies, when you would be working then. Both her dad's eyes and mine were looking at her. She responded with... Yes yes yes!!!! I was too glad to shake her hand firmly. In my heart the happiness was indescribable. I had made the father to save 20 years ago, and now I could also encourage the grown up daughter to save too. Before I left, father and daughter walked me right up to the lift to bid  me farewell. I could see both their eyes were very grateful to this friend who happened to be their faithful agent who cares.

Food for thought - "All days are not same. Save for a rainy day. When you don't work, savings will work for you." - M.K. Soni quotes


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

I wished i'd met you when i was 20.
This is a very touching+meaningful one.

Michelle syyong

Robert Foo said...

Hi Michelle,

Is till not too late my dear. My heart felt age is only 35 currently.