Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Most important thing for man!!!

Can this happened to you gentlemen??? Read on please....

You were on heat, and wanting to have intimacy with your wife. Before going to work in the morning, you gave a signal to her. Perhaps you might be a direct person, you said, " Darling! lets do it tonight!". Your wife replied with a loving Yes.

Anxiously you were excited the whole day, when you did everything well. However coming to bed time, your wife looked tired. She gave her reasons; your parents came and she had to entertain them. She took them out for all day's shopping and eating. She said, "Darling I'm tired. Let's try tomorrow yah?" Well! She is your wife and the old folks are your parents. In your heart you shunned with a sad note..."Mmmmmmhh!!!"

Next morning the same thing, you gave another signal to your sweet wife who responded with a big smile. You knew she would not fail you again. You did well in the office and the whole day, you were looking forward to the night. After a good bath before jumping onto the bed, your wife looked a bit depressed to say a few unkind words to you. The day was so busy for her, she needed to chauffeur the children to school because the bus driver was sick and unable to take the children. In between she had to go to the supermarket because the groceries were running out at home. One of her good friend was admitted and she had to visit her at the hospital. She was groaning with exhaustion, "I'm so sorry darling! Shall we try again tomorrow?" What have you got to say? You could not force a loved one to participate on bed mating without willingness. Right? You slept with frustration and dissatisfaction.  

Next morning, instead of you giving the signal, your wife was at your arm and whispering softly to your ear, "We shall do it tonight sweetheart!!!" Wow! You felt terribly good and excited again. Before you went home, you drove to the gym, ran and toughen your muscle from top to bottom. In your mind, you were preparing and looking so much for the night. Upon arrival home, your wife gave you a very sad tune of voice. She said, "Darling! I'm so sorry again. My best friend came this morning as well". Best friend to them is the menstrual lady who come periodically each month. What! At this time of the week. Your mind boiled and the heart saddened to the extreme. You had waited three day and you had controlled your strong desire for too long. Anger and more anger but you could not do anything about it. You slept with frustration again.

Next morning upon reaching the office, your boss was waiting at your desk. He didn't look happy either. He yelled at you, "What have you been doing? You haven't delivered your work . Do you know this assignment is very important to us?" In your mind you said, "Shit!! Fxxx!!! My most important thing at home also hasn't done yet!"

Fact of life is when man's important need is done, he could perform better at work. Abstaining from his sexual gratification, would make all men unhappy and unproductive. 

Food for thought - "Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place" - Billy Crystal quotes.


Anonymous said...

Haha, this is a good one. Very funny. Haha. Have a nice day, Mr Robert. Tc . From raj

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raj,

I believe you are not married yet. It will happen when the time come. So be tolerance and have patience to deal with your life.

sumukh bansal said...

Marriage is not necessary to understand this mr. robert... :)
and to be better at work we all should know our needs...::)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sumukh,

Thank you for this comment...