Friday, April 20, 2012

My Ideal Man............

Cherry is one of my great lady admirer who often seek my wisdom. She has been working in various part of the world. She is only 28, attractive, loving and still single. In her heart, she longs to fall in love with the right man. Yesterday she sent me a message; "I wanna to share something with you. Finally I met someone who is really caring and thoughtful".

RF: Who is the lucky man my dear?

Cherry:  He is older than me. He is 34 years old British from London.

RF: Wow!

Cherry: Working at French Restaurant as executive chef.

RF: I see. Don't rush my dear. Take your time to get to know him better.

Cherry: N Kenji the Japanese guy came to Singapore to see me. I realized he isn't my type. 

RF: Mix more freely. Don't just stick to one man. See the differences of the many men u know. Including RF as well.

Cherry: Haha! RF is the best. Nothing to compare.

RF: The one who get jealous. Throw him away. Understand?

Cherry: Haha! Yeah! I got it! 

RF: The one who has all the patience and have tolerance, consider him then. Perhaps an older man is even better.

Cherry: Yeah! he is older than all the earlier guys I knew.

Specially for Cherry and all single ladies who are looking for an ideal soul mate. An ideal man is one who has patience for his love. He is kind, thoughtful, not boastful, not proud, not rude, not a hot temper person, intelligence and smart, interesting and fun, exciting and humorous, generous, caring and loving,  full of confidence and independence, strong and healthy, has plenty of drive and always willing to give his heart to his love. He should be trustworthy and not a possessive man. He is a giver and never would get jealous whenever he sees his love is with another man. He is a motivator and a mentor to his mate. He loves his lady unconditionally. Coz he believes true love never fails.


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring love story indeed. I can relate..but the sad thing about knowing my right man and my soul mate -- is that, it was at the wrong time.. I'm already in a relationship fo 9 years...

Robert Foo said...

Hi 10:58,
Make the best of what you have my dear.