Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gives a helping hand.

Are you an energy giver? I might be just an ordinary person, but I know our words and action could be inspiring to most people who are down. This morning, one of my niece who sent me a text message, saying she was lazy and might not be able to work because a friend had made her very upset and frustrated. She seek my advice as how to overcome her emotion. I replied her with this message..."Hi my dear. Is a beautiful morning. Don't you think so? Always try to think of the good side of life. If you think is wonderful...u will feel nice. Or if u prefer to look ugly...u will feel lousy. The choice is yours and simple as that! Successful people have a stronger positive mind than the unsuccessful one. I trained to be stronger and mightier. I believe u can, because you have the first name like mine, 'Foo'. Right?" This simple worded sms inspired and motivated her, she left for work willingly.

Later of the day, I spoke to another cousin, Tony whose wife was having her birthday. Tony is a car salesman, who sounded not so happy because his current sales were not so encouraging. When he asked how am I, I told him with a confident voice, "Yes! Very Good! I am on top of the world". He was taken aback with that statement. I explained to him, wherever we stood on this planet earth, we got to feel that we are actually standing on top of the world. I made him laugh which was good for him.

Not to long, another SYT, Irene called. She was unhappy with her boyfriend who tends to be very possessive. He almost tried to control her in every way, especially meeting another male clients in her business. I told her, why be bothered by one who is most unreasonable, when there is legion of lovable gentlemen around. I reminded her, she is beautiful, attractive and intelligence. These are her beauties when most men find them difficult to resist. Those sweet words melted her heart.

My belief - "Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders" - Bob Moawad


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I believe that being positive for each day of your life makes you young,healthy and energetic in someways and differently each time..thats the magic yet to look forward to for each day.You have showed your different ways of being positive for 3 cases,how awesome, thanks for inspiring us.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Spoken by Bob Moawad...You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders. Though I am considered short in height but not in condifence of life. And I believe it applies in you too. Right?