Friday, January 02, 2009

To buy or not to buy!

Though I am a salesman who approaches and sells to others most of the time, I also allow others to prospect and try their luck on me. I was invited by a friend to meet her upper liner who were both marketing a new Biodisc products. They claimed to be fully involved and are committed to this new marketing company. I openly allowed them to present their sales to me, insisting that I had only one hour for them. In my mind, I wanted to see how they sell and to learn something new if possible.

The two salesladies were presentable, in their mid forties and spoke well. They gave a very good explanation on the benefits of these Biodisc Products. Something I really had not heard off but sounded too good to be true. The products are helpful to personal health and could upkeep a better environment for the household needs. They talked more than one hour of the exceeded time when I had to give an excuse to leave. Leaving the sale as not concluded.

Later in my car, I was pondering over their sales presentation. I asked myself...had I been sold for the products? Yes, it was but I had two different thoughts in my mind when I was with them.

The angel of me said 'Yes', please buy because they are good ladies who needed the sales. Moreover the products are useful to you, and in the long run it benefits me more. However the devil of me claimed 'NO', don't buy...they are taking you for a ride. Don't take defeat or you would loose your pride. During the one hour with them, my mind was debating within myself. Perhaps I was at the 50 over 50% chances of buying but the two attractive salesladies were not aware of what I was thinking at that moment of thought. Should they had noticed my buying signals and body language, and knew how to subtly suppress my negative thinking, I believe the sales should have been successful. Now they had lost and I had won.

Conclusion; they were good speakers but not a salesperson. They talked more than they should be selling. They were too excited and over explained on the benefits. They had forgotten or perhaps they did not know how to conclude a sale. I was surprised, they did not even mention the prices on their products. Most sales are lost when one who do not know how to ask their prospects to buy. I hope these little points could be usefull to all sales people.

My belief - "A professional salesperson helps clients to buy".


Anonymous said...

Your message ends with the following: "... Most sales are lost when one who do not know how to ask their prospects to buy. I hope these little points could be usefull to all sales people."

May I ask you, my very experience sales-master, how or what to ask prospects so they would seriously buy??

Blessed New Year 2009 to you, Robert.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Julius..

I am glad this subject caught your interest. The simpliest way is to ask.."May I get some of your details first?"

If your prospects are willing to dear friend, you have striked the red button, indicating that interest is shown.

Thanking for reading my blog.