Sunday, January 11, 2009

My birthday.

The sweetest day of the year I believe is one's birthday. In my 27 years of selling life insurance, I have never forgotten all my friends' birthday. Prior to me selling insurance, I was a salesman selling Hallmark Cards which is the most prestigious card in the world. I learned the important of birthday's feeling and the expression in words to make it more meaningful. Today I send all my friends' birthday cards, specially designed and worded by me personally. Not only they received these unique cards, I would not fail to call them personally to wish them the birthday on the phone. For I always believe the five senses of life are important...they saw, smelled, tasted and touched my cards to feel nice, plus the hearing of my voice, completed the satisfaction of a birthday's wish.

Today, I was equally lucky because I had three attractive and intelligent lady friends, who insisted to celebrate my belated birthday in a '6 stars' hotel. They paid for a high tea's hour, when they pampered me with food, drinks and jokes. Though they missed my birthday last month, they still wanted to make me happy because I think all of them really love me. The moment when they sang the birthday's song with full joy and enthusiasm for me...I could also feel the sensation and happiness in soul and heart. I had made many people happy in my life and I was glad it was my turn now. As I was opening their birthday's present, I asked them whether it was a toy gift to remind me as a child. They said...the gift was better than a toy. Inside the packet, it wrote a letter...."Pick anyone of us, we are too happy to be your darling for the nite because all of us love you so much". Wow!!! What a gift! I was so touched and could not believe my eyes. Before I picked one of them, all three hugged and kissed me in advance first as a gesture of present to me. Later of the afternoon, I left with one of them who became my darling for the nite. Who? Sorry lah! You guys have to guess!!!

Before ending, I have to wish a birthday wish to one of my reader, Red Lavender who is also celebrating her birthday today. Specially for you my dear..."The beauty of a woman is seen through her heart where love have".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the birthday wish, I was touched by the fact you remember my birthday...I didnt know your birthday but Happy belated birthday dear Robert.I know who you picked..hee
It will be a good lets start everyday to an exciting journey..

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

With all those sexy, attactive & intelligent ladies as good with never be boring to me. The year is going to be exciting for sure.

DengDeng said...

confusing and wondering when is your birthday... ~~

mind to let me know.. ;)

Robert Foo said...

Hi My Dear Deng Deng,

Oop! U must be reading most of my titles to come across this old one written early this year.

Everyday is my birthday, including today. Like to date me out my dear?

DengDeng said...

Yes. But i am staying in Penang. Recently seldom visit KL. Will informed you if i m in KL... ;)

My little old deer...~~


Robert Foo said...

Hi Deng Deng,

That would be nice. Promise! When u are in KL call me.

DengDeng said...

Hehehehe... definitely i will call you. But.... i dun have ur contact number...~~

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear,

You can write to me first. My email address is and i would be too glad to hear from u soon.